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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004 12:17:59
The Official Walkthrough


Hannah has landed on a sort of organic ship. Take the path upwards. On next floor there is a flash, which she reports to Sam. Turn right and go up again. There is a small square where there are 3 small benches. To the right of them is a small table. Something is on it. It is a mission log, but it has been wiped. Now go back to the elevator and press the button. Go up. Get out of the elevator by going to the left. Look around. There is a device to the right, remember it but do not press the button yet. Go past the second elevator and use the path that is at the far side to go up again. At this floor you will find a pear-shaped object, shown below.

Zoom in and note that there are signs on this ‘pear’ and there is some fluid in the object. Note the strange signs. Use your magnifying glass on the wooden thing and spot a blue-ish bottle connected to the pear. Leave it for now. Turn around and go back to use the second elevator. You arrive at the 3rd level of this island and spot a swarm of bees. Turn right to view the hanging bridge, which you cannot cross either. Go the far right corner and you will find that there is something around this corner. It looks like a vase shaped bucket with a button on it. On the wall are three holes 
with strange stings coming out of them. Press the button to find out that the object is used to operate the stings. Take the bucket and put it in your inventory.

Turn left and then go back. Take the second path up to reach level 4. At the 2 benches there is another wiped mission log. Now take the path up to level 5. A ghost appears, it appears to be human. He says you will have to find the coordinates to be able to operate these living ships / islands, but that old ones won’t work. Turn right and go to the metal tulip formation to the right side of the fountain. Zoom in. Nothing. Go back and use the spiral staircase to go up. Halfway the stairs there is a strange device. When you zoom in and press the arrows you will see that it operates the tulips. 
It throws something from tulip to tulip. The game is to get the object to the front tulip, because that is the only one you can access. The correct order is to press 3,1,4,2,5 (from the left).

Now zoom out and go up once more. You are now at the top level. At the right side there is something on the ground. It is a tablet with coordinates on it. Write them all down. The upper coordinates with a red cross through them are the old ones, the other ones the new ones. Now, go down to the metal tulip and collect your second tablet. Note everything again. Then zoom out and go back to the level where both elevators meet. Go to the control panel between the elevators and the cable car will come and take you to the next island. Turn right and take the path up, where there is a torch. At the wall you will find the holes with the stings again. Only a lot more this time. Could it become a path? Now go to the right and find a place 
to put your bucket on. You can now operate the device.

Page  : 1 2 3 4 5 6

There is a small platform with 14 settings, each referring to a sting. Problem: each sting seems to influence two other stings as well. Solution from left to right: press 13, 12, 11, 10, 8, 5, 4, 3 and 2. An electric field appears, connecting all stings to form a path. Go over it and carry on. You will end up at a large balk, which connects this island with the next one. Zoom in. There is foldable chair hanging under it. Use it to get to the other side. Go down and take the elevator at the level below. Go down again. Turn right towards the big chair. There is a large console, which exists of the Left Wheel, Right Wheel and the Hand Scanner. The wheels are devices that show coordinates: hours, minutes and seconds

Use the wheels to set the NEW coordinates that the TABLETS gave you. You should use the dots as well. Solution: view the pictures. Now, press the hand scanner and you will be on your way to Bosh Tunnels. After the movie has played, turn right and use the elevator. Get out and follow the path up. There is that foldable chair again. Use it to get to the mainland. Follow the path and end up in a large cathedral hall. Go forward and you end up next to a large statue, from a light beam falls on a stone

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