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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004 12:17:58

Frequent Asked Questions

New World Order require that your system is in top condition as it uses many of the advanced features of your computer that lay dormant when you run older games. It is quite common for people to use a main board for their PC that require the drivers supplied by the vendor are installed properly before all features are enabled. An example is that if you use a main board supplied by VIA Corporation you need their latest '4-in-1' drivers to enable crucial features such as AGP texturing and many other features that accelerate graphics, memory and hard drive efficiency.

Many older games will run just fine without such drivers installed, but NWO and newer games require that at least the parts that enable and accelerate graphics performance are properly enabled. If you have not installed all parts successfully and you find that NWO lags when playing due to hard drive access, you need to make sure all drivers for your hard drive(s) are also properly installed. By default, without such drivers installed, the processor of your computer is used to control and move data from your hard drive - which can cause lag and stuttering. With the proper drivers installed the hard drive(s) are controlled by special hardware that does not interfere with your computer running programs or games.

If you have problems running the game and you're using middle-range hardware - try turning off features such as hardware shadows in the video settings. Hardware anti-aliasing also consumes great amounts of 3D-card memory and if you only have 256 megs of RAM and a 32-meg 3D-card this may cause the game either to not run or run very slow.

Q: I have a pretty beefy system, a 1.4Ghz CPU, 512 megs of RAM and a 64 meg graphics card - but I experience lag in the game even when starting a server. I have heard from others with similar systems that it's running smooth on their machines. What is wrong?

A: We have found that with DirectX8.1 and 8.2 there can be a 'mismatch' created between DirectX and the drivers you've installed for your video card - causing that not all features are enabled. The solution is to re-install DirectX8.2 and then the latest version of the video card drivers. Check the box for your video card for information about where to go to find the latest drivers for your hardware. Always make sure that you have the very latest version of all the drivers for your hardware - as these drivers control how well your PC will run.

Q: I have an Creative (TM) Audigy soundcard and I experience stuttering sound. What is wrong? 

A: The early drivers supplied with the Audigy were faulty, go to www.soundblaster.com and locate and download the latest drivers for the Audigy soundcard.

Q: My game won't even start, it hops back to desktop!

A: Download all the latest drivers and reinstall them. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements as specified on the back of the box.

Q: The game starts just fine but when loading a mission it hops back to desktop just before I get to play!

A: Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive to allow Windows to swap out programs that are not needed while playing NWO. Many programs are run 'silent' under Windows which means that even if you have started no programs on your own - Windows still runs a whole host of programs / services that take up valuable memory. The amount of free disk space that you need varies from computer to computer, as the amount of memory on your 3D-card can offload the computer memory when running games, for instance. Try making sure that you have around 200-300 megs of free space on your hard drive as a minimum. Windows can also calculate the free space on your hard drive wrong - if you have rebooted your computer many times without shutting down Windows properly it will cause small errors in the file system for your hard drive(s) that will lead to Windows believing that there is free space and reports this to you while in reality there is very little free space left. Try running a disk-cleaner tool in this case.

Q: My game works fine but I cannot refresh the server listing! What is wrong?

A: First make sure that you have TCP/IP installed properly and DirectX8.2 installed. If you're behind a firewall or router make sure the port 27010 are not blocked by software of hardware.

Q: It takes quite a long time before the intro starts playing on my machine.

A: NWO does a check with the master server on startup to see if there are any upgrades or fixes available for download. If your network is setup properly this should only take a split second. If you do not have any networking features installed on your computer this check is automatically disabled and not the cause of the delay.

Q: The hardware shadows are not working properly on my 3D-card! They have the wrong color! What is wrong?

A: Make sure that your hardware actually supports hardware shadows, and then download the latest drivers for it. Not all 3D-cards support the needed functions for rendering shadows properly. Do you have any questions concerning New World Order which are not listed in this Q&A? No worries, please check the New World Order forums for additional support or come back anytime since this page will be updated on a regular basis.




From our partners

Creative has updated their support center. Click here to download your latest Live!, Audigy or Audigy 2 drivers. Download here Download the most recent Parhelia drivers, as well as beta drivers and drivers for all Matrox graphics cards. Download here By clicking this link you will find drivers for all NVIDIA multimedia processors, additional software applications, and tools. -ATI introduces CATALYST (tm) Display software.
Click here to download the latest drivers for your Radeon 7000, 8500, 9000 and 9700 videocard.

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