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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004 12:17:56

The Story

In the future, separatist groups and terrorist factions rely more and more on experienced freelance help to perform attacks. The most successful of these groups are called The Syndicate who are a bunch of bad guys from different origin - former Spetznaz, ex-KGB, corrupt CIA, deserted Special Forces and mercenaries of all kind. They have teamed up to do what they do best and earn some big bucks while creating fear, chaos and destruction. They are specialized in sabotage, both guerilla and flat out warfare and do not fear taking hostages to reach their terrorist goals.

After painfully learning that no single country has the expertise to stop the Syndicate dream team of devastation, the US, EU and Russia have put together their own team of top military and anti-terrorist personnel. These top-secret military squads are called the Global Assault Team (GAT). Unlike most anti-terrorist teams, the GAT has an official mandate to search out and destroy terrorists all over the world regardless of any borders.
They have only one goal: free the world of the Syndicate and restore order.

You are Agent John Dobbs. You have recently been recruited to the GAT Team thanks to many years of decorated service with the Navy Seals. You have been chosen because you are truly one of the best military operatives in the civilized world. You’re not a rookie; but nonetheless, you will need to prove yourself to a whole new group of specialists. The GAT Team is as tough as they come...

In singleplayer you operate as a lone wolf, sent on your own into critical situations because you are the best of the best at these type of missions and you cannot have teammates distract you while you do your devastating job: destroying all Syndicate forces and preventing their evil plans. In multiplayer you take on the Syndicate clans with your teammates in five different gamemodes and battle it out on a LAN or the internet..

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