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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004 12:17:56

The Rendering

Full 32bit rendering as default

DVA (tm) technology for efficient, exact visibility processing.

Efficient graphics/texture compression/decompression, without any quality loss.

Multiple graphics processing pipelines, distributable over multiple processors.

Renders bezier patches, NURBS surfaces and polygons.

Supports hardware T&L for increased throughput.

Unique surface technology, blends unlimited number of textures.

High quality decal support; decals affect bump mapping and lighting.

True bump mapping technology, real-time calculated.

True real-time dynamic lighting, no light maps.

Full real-time Phong/Blinn and Metal shading.

Real-time calculated full quality spectacular highlights.

Omni, spots, directional and volumetric light-sources.

Dynamic real-time shadows, full quality, sharp or soft.

24bit RGB true-color lighting, 48bit internal blends.

Light-DVA for fast, exact extraction of light / shadow receivers.

Fully dynamic/deformable geometry, no architectural limits.

High speed, high quality rendering of blended and skinned geometry.

Advanced particle/meta-particle rendering and blending.

Skeletal animation with constraints and expressions.

Real-time full forward/inverse kinematics.

Advanced motion blending / smoothing.

Highly sophisticated dynamics subsystems.

Full hardware accelerated rendering.

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