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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004 12:17:55

The Animations

Highly flexible hierarchy system to support every kind of skeleton or node structure.

Highly sophisticated, flexible animation system, unlimited number of animation blends.

Regions, or sub-skeletons can be animated independently from the master-hierarchy.

Everything is anima table, derived from super-classes to support all sorts of animation.

Procedural animations, freely definable output stream contents give extreme flexibility.

Animation 'states' allow entities to control basic animation switching by itself.

Flexible and fast skinning system, supporting unlimited number of blending-matrices.

Animation system interacts with physics system for full flexibility, ease of use.

Advanced IK system allows for IK processing of all nodes, not just end-effectors.

Inverse Kinematics allows game-code to manipulate predefined animations.

Animation system supports blending of different types of animations (vertex + skeletal).

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