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Last Updated: Tuesday May 04, 2004 12:17:51
release date: 23 march 2002 


Project Three today announced that starting Tuesday March 26th 12.00 CET. the highly anticipated Public Multiplayer Beta of the next-gen tactical first person shooter New World Order will be downloadable for public use at the following location http://www.p3int.com/downlo

ads_NWO.asp. The playable demo will also be mirrored by several other websites, to allow people to pick their optimal download location.

The beta-version features the huge level 'Sweden', a small nordic village with several squares, streets and bridges, as well as small alleys connecting several areas. Lots of houses are accessible, including 2nd floors and even rooftops, supplying the player with sniper and ambush positions. In short, an ideal playing ground for everyone who loves tactical shooters.

Project Three CEO Rob Ercevic said: "New World Order has already received lots of praise for its beautiful level design and unprecedented graphic quality for a shooter. We're very pleased we can now say that this demo not only proves we can come up with stunning eye candy, but with matching smooth and fun game play as well."

Lead programmer Jim Malmros of Termite Games added: "We know the tons of fans out there have been waiting for playable code for quite a while, so we're extremely pleased to finally be able to grant their wish. We play it all the time ourselves so I guess we'll meet them online!!"

New World Order is very much on track for a release end of may 2002. Upon release the game will feature both single- and multiplayer modes, tons of realistic weapons and several new game modes, in twelve big levels.

"Our revolutionary DVA-engine is providing uncanny graphics at very high frame rates, which combined with slick game play and super-realism, really takes the FPS genre to the next level", said Malmros.

For more information please contact Project 3 at pr@p3int.com or visit www.p3int.com

Project Three Interactive BV

The Netherlands

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